3 Methods for a WordPress Static Homepage

Posted in WordPress on Sep 26, 2014

Using a detour of sorts with this article to have a appear at a few of difficult challenges that I encountered on my internet websites final week. Putting up answers to these as I feel it really is worth sharing. Despite the fact that a bit technical, they’re straight forward.

1. Static Homepage on WordPress Based Web-site: This is if you want to have a homepage that is not commonly modifying like your blog site web page as you know by default, WordPress shows your blog posts on the front website page of your web site. Why would you want to have a static webpage as your homepage provided that it truly is not Search Motor pleasant? The remedy is this could be a site the place blogging is not the principal activity and the intention is to rank on a established of consistent search phrases and give it a flashy and attractive glance.

It can be truly easy and it would not require enhancing or coding.

Step1: Produce two pages, 1 titled “Dwelling” and the other one particular “Web site”. Place the static content that you want to have on the “Residence” web site, leave the “Weblog” webpage blank and publish both of those the webpages.

Step2: Update the next on the Administration > Settings > Examining panel.

a. On Entrance site displays, examine the “Static Site” radio button
b. Choose “House” page for Front page and “Weblog” web page for Posts web page droppress()

Step3: Finally, enable permalinks to present the webpage title or else it will not provide the goal.

2. Theme finding dark on loading: Some of my blogging close friends pointed out that my web page was totally darkish until it was thoroughly loaded. I failed to realise this likely mainly because the web page was loading really quick on my machine. I know totally effectively that the regular interest span of a customer is 6-8 seconds and if your page failed to load in that time, likelihood are that you’re heading to shed that visitor who possibly could possibly not appear again once again for the reason that I couldn’t show him what I am all about.

Now, I failed to want to improve my theme due to the fact to start with I like the appear of it, but additional importantly I might chance getting rid of my search engine indexing if I did that. The answer was a simple three line code that my concept author gave me which I inserted in the stylesheet.css file which established my material track record to white. By this the visitor can see the articles evidently while the website page masses fully. Just goes to show how getting an sincere audience can help you in identifying issues which you usually are not knowledgeable of by yourself.

By Tanzz Mohd

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