3 Tips for Increasing Readers on Your WordPress Blog

Posted in WordPress on May 15, 2014

Content is king of the internet and WordPress allows its users an opportunity to share their unique content with the rest of the world. This has lead to a lot of excellent blogs starting on WordPress. Your blog can grow to become one of these excellent blogs as well, but it’s not going to happen over night and it’s going to take some work.

Learning to do what you can to optimize your blog for the search engines and enhance it for readers simultaneously is very important. As is learning to stick with a schedule and stay updated. Those tips and more are mentioned below in further detail.

Title Tag Optimization.

A great place to start thinking about search engine optimization is with your title tags. Title tags are extremely important in terms of SEO and proper optimization could really increase the amount of traffic that is coming to your blogs. Learn to manage these tags properly and they could be an extremely effective weapon in your arsenal.

Extend your reach further by including a link with this title tag on outside social media websites. This will bring more outside readers to your blog and increase your ranking with the search engines.

Archive pages.

Archives pages are often overlooked by the novice blogger, but they are extremely important and should be maintained from day one. Creating an archive section with blogs from the past will keep your content on the internet, which is great for search engine optimization, and it will provide the readers with the content they were looking for if the particular information was somewhat outdated, which happens a lot.

Your primary blog should be updated regularly, but there should be a clear link to a well-organized archive section visible from each page. You can create an archive section through the use of a WordPress plugin or without a plugin at all, depending on the additional features you prefer.

Find WordPress SEO ebooks.

You might be surprised by the high volume of WordPress SEO ebooks online. If you want to make the most from your blog, then you’ll have to learn as much as possible. Those other guys at the top have probably read a few of these same ebooks. They are a great source of updated and useful information that you can’t find anywhere else on the internet.

If you’re looking for a new change in strategy or something to give you that extra edge over the competition, then these are exactly what you have been looking for. Do a quick search online and you’ll quickly find dozens of great WordPress SEO ebooks available for download.

By Stuart Bazga

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