7 Benefits of a WordPress Website

Posted in WordPress on May 16, 2014

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WordPress was originally used for personal writing, but it is now used extensively for content management websites. There are at least 7 benefits of a WordPress website.

First, it is free to download. Although it is free to download this program, you will have to pay a small monthly fee of about $10 to host your website. This is still very inexpensive to use.

Next, it is extremely easy to use this program. There are many sites that offer tutorials on how to use this program. So, if you can manage to use a word processing site, you can use this one as well. It is much easier than writing code or anything like that.

There are many thousands of themes that you can use to upgrade your website and make it your own. There are custom websites and templates you can use to make your website attractive. If you decide to change the way it looks, it is easy to do so.

Next you have plug-ins that you can add to your website. These can do many applications from site security to keeping track of how many people visit your website. You can add them easily, and most of them are free of charge making it cost effective as well.

Website search engines like the use of WordPress. If you use this as part of your site, then you will be able to maximize the number of people clicking through to your website. If they like you, then you will benefit by using this program.

Know that if you have any issues with WordPress, help is not far away. There is no email or call in features for this program, but there are many message forums or even paid repair people who can take care of any problems that you might have. If you go on the forums, you might be able to talk to someone who can help you without it costing you anything at all.

Finally, you have control of what you can do to your own website. You do not have to worry that if you do not like the way it looks that you will have to get permission from someone else to change it. You can change it daily if you want to. It is very flexible and cost-effective to use and makes a very professional looking website for you and your business.

Just be sure to realize that there are many types of websites out there. There are personal websites just for you to maybe write a blog, and there are DIY or do it yourself websites that you build however you want it to be. There are ways of updating your website that involve archiving or storing your data in order by the date it was written. There are content management websites that look at what is on your website and work with you to improve your content. Any website will routinely need website maintenance and you can do this yourself if you are able to or pay a professional to do it for you. It gives you peace of mind knowing that someone who is a professional can take a look at your website and check for things like viruses or any other problems. You can take courses online or at colleges to learn things such as how to maintain your computer and website. It is really up to you how much effort you put into your website.

By Laurie Climan

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