A Complete Tutorial Guide of UltimateDefrag – Speed Up Windows XP Vista

Posted in WordPress on May 14, 2014

People who own computers must be aware on the fact that disk defragmentation is just part of the essential computer maintenance tasks. These maintenance tasks are just essential because, theoretically, they could improve the performance of a particular PC.

Disk Defragmentation is often done to organize a clutter of files located in the hard disk. It is said to be capable of improving the PC performance because it organizes files and places them in a common location in the hard drive.

According to the article UltimateDefrag Tutorial Guide – Speed Up Windows XP Vista, which was written by Kris Marinieri, the common defragmentation software are only capable of defragmenting files – no more, no less. It means that defragmentation programs could only defrag and contribute to the improvement of a PC’s performance, not optimize it. Optimization, by the way, refers to a boost of a certain computer’s performance. Meaning, when somebody mentions the word, PC optimization, the PC is configured to work at its optimum performance. In the case of defragmentation programs, improvement in PC performance is expected, not PC optimization. So, basically, it is wrong to assume that all the defragmentation programs are capable of optimizing computers.

However, according to the UltimateDefrag Tutorial Guide – Speed Up Windows XP Vista, there is one defragmentation program that could do better than the common programs. This special program is said to be capable of defragmenting files while doing configurations for PC Optimization. For more information about this exceptional software, check the site which contains the article UltimateDefrag Tutorial Guide – Speed Up Windows XP Vista.

By Kris Mainieri

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