Atomic Cloud

Your business is growing and going places, but it’s not there yet. You know you need the right tools and systems to get the job done, on time and in your regular professional manner.

Traditionally small business couldn’t afford or manage the systems that have been available to larger corporations. Then came Cloud Technologies, shared technologies with costs spread over multiple users. But what is Cloud, which solutions are best, how will you manage it? Your responsibly is looking after your business, working on your business, not in it. Allow the experts at the AtomicCloud Division of to look after your System Strategies and Manage your IT needs.

Small Business Atoms + Cloud Technologies = AtomicCloud, BOOOOOOM!

Expert IT Support and Sales. A term thrown around lightly these days, but something we at Restrive proud ourselves in. Years of experience looking after businesses just like your has given us the knowledge and tools to support your business and to give you verified advise for any technological area of your business