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Posted in WordPress on Sep 25, 2014

This query will come up a great deal from new bloggers who want to use WordPress. Should they put all their posts on one site or use several pages? Well, the remedy to the concern just isn’t a straightforward a person. It actually is dependent on the goal of your blog site. So the finest way to respond to the dilemma is with a few of examples. This write-up will give you two exceptional ones commencing with my have weblog.

At initial, I setup a WordPress weblog just to post content articles and practically nothing extra. So I begun with one particular page. Why? Properly, I wanted persons to browse the most relevant posts very first when they acquired there, so there was no issue in breaking them up into separate webpages. The most new types would look at the leading of the weblog. Aside from, by designating groups for each posting (make revenue online, copywriting, post creating, and so on.) if men and women required to appear up specified content articles, they could do so by class, listed on the appropriate hand side of the blog.

Even so, as time went on, I recognized that I wished to do more. I needed to have a site in which people could verify out all my products and solutions. I didn’t want to incorporate them on the major posting website page since they’d close up finding missing in the soup with each article that I additional. So I established a independent site for items, listing them in the buy that I preferred. This would be a static web site while the posting website page would improve with each and every new article. So in this situation, I did want numerous pagespress()

But a improved illustration of multiple web pages is the web-site of a mate of mine who is a band promoter. He desired a site in which he could have one particular site with content articles about the latest concert events he promoted and how they went, a different site that showed the dates of approaching live shows, another web site with objects to get these types of as posters, CDs, and so on and another web page of odds and ends that did not look to in shape any where else. This is really typical for a blog that has lots of different points likely on.

So consider of your blog, not like a site, but like a normal internet site. If you have been likely to produce a normal static HTML site employing Dreamweaver or whichever, how many distinct web pages would you want? The remedy to that issue will give you the response to the question of how a lot of internet pages you want for your WordPress website.

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