Distinction Involving a WordPress Site and Write-up

Posted in WordPress on Aug 22, 2014

One particular of the points that many new WordPress bloggers get hung up on is the variance in between a Site and a Post. There are some very important variations that, like everything else, after you realize are really basic to continue to keep straight. With a WordPress web-site you can have an unrestricted variety of just about every and it will come down to how your internet site is organized.

First let us discuss about internet pages. A WordPress web site is a static web website page like you can see on most any web page. Regular takes advantage of for a webpage are the About Web site or Speak to Website page. Pages stand on their individual and do not get bundled in a group, nor in your RSS feeds. If we neglect about Posts entirely for a 2nd you could incredibly effortlessly create an complete web-site just with webpages. So, a web page is just a webpage. This is one particular of the best things about the WordPress software is the insane about of adaptability that the software presents.

Now, Posts. For one particular matter posts are time stamped. They also get incorporated in a class, they get tags, they do display up in your RSS feed. Posts are the format that most people affiliate with the website model of web page. If you were building a blog about cats and you made a released a new submit each and every day then you would see these posts exhibited in reverse chronological purchase…so most recent at best and oldest at the base []).press()

Now this is the tough bit. Posts exhibit on a web page. Believe of pages like a sheet of paper and posts like people yellow Put up-it notes that you can adhere to a piece of paper in variance purchase.

With posts in WordPress you as the webmaster have a great deal of control more than how they are shown. For example if you have three categories (say black cats, white cats, gray cats) when a consumer clicks on the black cat class url all the posts you have created on black cats will be exhibited. The identical retains real for tags. When a user clicks on a specific tag then all the posted you have linked with that tag will be exhibited.

When starting up out the simplest way I uncovered to identify if the material I was heading to compose about what to go on a Web site or a Publish was to identify if I would want it in a category. If the information in good shape 1 of my existing types, or a single that I needed to develop, it was a article. If I wished to make a static bit of content like an About Me deal, it really is a web site. It may perhaps audio confusing but engage in about a little bit and you can get it.

By Bill P. Kelly

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