Fake Microsoft Security Essentials Alert Virus – How To Remove This Fraud From Your PC

Posted in WordPress on May 14, 2014

The Fake Microsoft Security Essentials┬áVirus is a newly released infection which is continually installing itself on 1,000’s of computers around the World in order to try and con you into both buying the fake upgrade to the program, as well as stealing your personal details. Although this virus may look legitimate (it’s been designed to try and mimic the real Microsoft Security Essentials program), it should not be trusted. Fortunately, you should be able to remove this virus quite easily by using the tutorial explained in this article.

Industry professionals call this infection a “malware” virus, because of the way it installs a malicious software program onto your PC. These types of infections are quickly overtaking the traditional hidden viruses as the most common type of infection to install onto your PC. The only problem, however, is that getting rid of these fraudulent programs is a lot more difficult than many people first think. This virus will normally install itself from the likes of a Trojan Horse virus, fake email attachment or rogue download… and will post false results in order to scare you. To get rid of this particular infection, you need to be able to get rid of all the infected files that the program has on your PC, as well as then making sure it will not come back.

There are two ways to safely get rid of this virus. The first is to manually remove all the parts of the infection which basically make the virus work. Because this is actually a software program, the fact is that it’s going to have a set of program files and folders which it requires in order to run. If you can successfully find these folders and delete the contents, it should theoretically be possible to get rid of the virus. However, even though this process may work temporarily, the virus will often find its way back onto your system thanks to a set of hidden files it plants in the Windows folder of your PC.

The folder this virus generally installs itself into is here:

%UserProfile%Application DataPAV

The best way to get rid of this virus is to use a “malware removal tool” to delete all the files & folders it requires to run. There are several highly popular anti-malware programs out there, but we’ve found that one called “XoftSpy” is actually the best for getting rid of the Fake Microsoft Security Essentials virus. This program has been created by a leading software firm called Pareto Logic, and is now one of the most popular anti-malware programs online. You can remove the virus in the most effective way by installing XoftSpy, letting it scan your PC and then allowing it to remove all the infections that your system has. This should remove the virus and keep your protected in the future.

By Katie Martins

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