Fb ‘Like’ Button on Your WordPress Blog

Posted in WordPress on Oct 6, 2014

Sharing information by means of social networks is not a new idea (essentially, nothing is definitely a ‘new’ concept any longer). You will have found blogs with heaps of sharing possibilities to bookmark the web site, to re-tweet the web site & to share inbound links on Facebook – a little something that is applied a lot on this blog site far too in buy for our readers to easily share this content.

Right until not long ago, sharing a blog write-up on Facebook has been slightly clunky in that you experienced to use Fb Link to share the material as a position update.

Final week, Facebook users will have discovered a couple improvements not too long ago to some options, most naturally the modify that bought rid of the ‘Become a Fan’ on Webpages and changed it with ‘Like’. The ‘Like’ element is now pretty much uniform throughout Facebook – incorporated into position updates, wall posts, unique photos, picture albums and so on..and now Webpagespush()

All those of you who have WordPress.org weblogs set up can now put in 1 plugin which puts a ‘Like’ button into your blog posts so that your audience can ‘Like’ your submit and it will publish the point that they like your publish on their news feed. This instantaneously offers the weblog write-up viral & sharing possibility as a result of Fb in contrast to in advance of where sharing on Facebook was often a little clunky (clunky currently being a technical phrase, of class). It is now on par with the ‘TweetMeMe’ button and other folks on blogs to share on Twitter and many others. You can see this in action on this website put up. Why not click on on the Like button so you can see how it will work.

By Suraj Sodha

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