Functions and Subroutines in ASP

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Functions and Subroutines in ASP

If you browse our Tutorial on Involve Data files (SSI) [] then you uncovered how to encapsulate ASP code inside include data files and the gains it provides us.

As developers, we ought to endeavour to make our life a lot easier wherever attainable… no 1 needs to re-invent the wheel just after all.

Features and Subroutines exist to not only help you save us time, but to carry energy to our ASP.

They are just an additional way of encapsulating code, but have a great deal additional functionality than just ‘saving some code for later’.

Very first, let’s appear at Features… Visualize a balloon salesman in the street. We’ve all seen them they call for just one piece of information when you acquire a balloon, the color.

Let say we requested for a purple balloon… The balloon salesman armed with this ‘information’ then does a rather simple motion… he hands you the balloon. The balloon you acquired is a direct result of the information you gave the balloon seller.

Features are just the exact same… they return to you a price centered on the information you furnished. Lets look at an case in point Purpose: –


Function getBalloon(strColour)
Dim Tempstr
strColour = lcase(strColour) ‘This converts the benefit lowercase.

Select Case strColour
Scenario “pink” Tempstr = “Right here is your pink balloon”
Situation “yellow” Tempstr = “Right here is your yellow balloon”
Situation “green” Tempstr = “Below is your environmentally friendly balloon”
Circumstance “blue” Tempstr = “In this article is your blue balloon”
Situation Else Tempstr = “Sorry, we have offered out of that Colour”

Stop Pick out
getBalloon = Tempstr

Conclusion Purpose

A Operate is handed some facts. The information we go a Functionality, is known as an ‘argument’. The data we get back from a Functionality is acknowledged as the ‘return value’. While a Operate can have several arguments, it can only have one particular return worth.

Enable us glance at a person extra illustration: –


Purpose calcTax(total, taxrate)
Dim Tempvar
Tempvar = volume * (taxrate / 100)
CalcTax = Round(Tempvar, two) ’round the end result to two decimal areas

End Operate


All over again, a further standard case in point. We should really observe this time that the Perform accepts two arguments.

By now, we have some idea of how to publish a Function. How do we use a single?
Let me present you now how we can use the calcTax case in point.


shoppingbill=goodsTotal + calcTax(goodsTotal,seventeen.5)

Reaction.Compose “Your shopping came to &pound” &amp goodsTotal

Response.Generate “

VAT amount = &pound” &amp calcTax(goodsTotal)

Response.Write “Overall Volume Due = &pound” &amp shoppingbill


Above you see the illustration operate in action… uncomplicated huh!

I have tried to make being familiar with Capabilities as uncomplicated as feasible… Knowledge a Subroutine (Sub) is now heading to be simple for you. Imagine a block of code that done some recommendations based on information you gave it…
Sounds pretty considerably like a function, doesn?t it? Nicely this time, we do not get nearly anything back. A sub does NOT pass again information it just uses the info we give it for some objective.

I will use only one example of a Sub, and in the similar example make use of the sub: –


Sub Bday(strName, intAge)
Reaction.Generate “Happy Birthday ” &amp Title
Reaction.Create “, You are ” &amp intAge &amp ” many years old nowadays”

Stop Sub

‘now, simply call the sub

bDay “Joe”,26


The over Sub, demonstrates my position. We set some thing in, it performs an action (in this situation creating to the monitor), but nothing is returned to us in the code. A single thing that Definitely IS critical when utilizing a sub, is that we do not place brackets all over the arguments… Simply because we do not have a return price we do not want brackets and in this situation, if we try out we will get an error.

Properly, that just about concludes this article. We should by now be producing effective code with the use of Functions and Subs. Don?t neglect that if you use your capabilities and subs in various web pages then you must seriously retail store them in just include information for good reasons of easy servicing and improved performance.


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