Google taking over Facebook

Posted in SEM on May 17, 2013

Just Google It!

A term used without thinking these days. Google has become our information provider and while sources like Wikipedia hold the knowledge, Google is the gateway to it.

Being social has a new meaning these days and the importance thereof in business has grown tremendously. Facebook is seen as the leader is the social media market and is worth billions. Enter Google+, until recently, I also haven’t been active on it, I have an account and a few people in my circles, but that’s about it. It just to big a deal to get all my friends to use it as I did with Facebook, I don’t even have time to spend on Facebook even though I have over 500 friends on it.

Then came the day we were knocked from the top. Restrive fought a brave fight to the top of for the search term Web Design and SEO. One day busy checking our position we dropped to number 2!! Ohh no what know, how did our competitor get that right? We secured our placed there and then created a massive gap to the next competitor. So I went and Googled  Web Design and SEO and found that number 1 had been “stolen” by a blog post? How was that possible?

But then I noticed it the blog author that was listed had been in over 2000 peoples circles. All of a sudden Googles strategy made sense. Being on top op Google is all that matters, getting there means using Google and their products. Google+ for one. So Google will build there massive social network with the backing of businesses all around the world.

Where does it leave Facebook and LinkedIn, does it really matter? People are inevitably moved by the bottom line, at the end of the day Google+ will bring the biggest improvement to the bottom line. Watch this space, unlike everything else Google just purchases and rebrand, it will take over Facebook for free.

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