Guidelines on Meta Key word and Meta Description Tag

Posted in WordPress on Jun 15, 2014

Meta Key word:

Google appears to ignore Meta key phrase tags but even now other look for engines give some value to them. And you ought to not ignore this since all tags that are offered for Search engine optimisation really should be used in a correct way.

Include things like key word phrases in between twelve to 15 occasions.
Don’t use a typical keyword in all essential phrases. You will get spamming.
Use vital phrases which are already employed in the site information. If you use keywords other than individuals present in the internet website page articles then you will be penalized by search engines.
If you have by now made your complete website with no working with Meta search phrase tag then I recommend enable it be as is. Will not expend time to insert the tag.
Every website page ought to have Meta search phrases relevant to the net website page content material.
Greatest use of Meta keyword phrases is inserting synonyms, misspellings and alternate words.
eg1:- on webpage written content you have employed the phrase “Web Page”. In Meta keyword use “Webpage”.
eg2:- on page written content you have used the word “Enrolment” in meta search phrase also, you can use “Enrollment”
eg3:- on website page content you have applied the term “WordPress 2.8” in meta key word, you can use “WordPress 2.x”
eg4:- “Prescription” is normally mistyped as “Perscription”

Meta Description:

It is an vital tag that you should really take into account significantly due to the fact it will be exhibited in the look for outcomes.
It need to describe what particularly the webpage all about is.
Will not stuff keywords and phrases but publish the material for human eye.
Every single website page must have one of a kind Meta description with search term phrases included in it.
Continue to keep the Meta description tag length concerning 150 – a hundred and sixty figures. Since everything far more than that will reduce off in the search result.
If you have by now developed your site with title tag more than one hundred sixty characters then examine if the keywords are protected with-in 160 figures or not. If any key phrases are positioned following a hundred and sixty characters then you need to resolve it else you can ignore. It will not affect your Web optimization.
Do not repeat same sentences and keywords which are presently protected in Title tag.
Screen the fact of the material that is not protected in the Title tag.
Dynamic web sites that create solitary description for all webpages want to determine out alternate for it or any plug-in to generate Meta descriptions for every single page.

By Syed Hyder Ali

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