How To Build A WordPress Theme – 3 Reasons to Use the WordPress Socrates Theme

Posted in WordPress on May 15, 2014

Socrates is a premium WordPress theme specially designed for internet marketers to use. Using the WordPress Socrates theme, you can easily create a niche website that is set up to be monetized via AdSense, ClickBank and a host of other monetizing options as well as optimized for all popular search engines in just a matter of minutes. There are three main reasons why bloggers should use the Socrates theme.

1. Customizability – Socrates offers a range of customizable options enabling site owners to come up with a distinctive and original look to help with their site’s branding even if they only have minimal or no programming knowledge. Right out of the box, there are already available customization options like choosing from a range of backgrounds in just a click of a mouse, options for changing the color and style, multiple layout schemes, customized navigation bars, over 200 available header designs to cater to every niche and a built-in header generator that site owners can use to make their own banners easily without any technical skill required.

2. Excellent Marketing Options – you can easily promote your website if you use a WordPress Socrates theme. The theme has a range of marketing options like affiliate program integration to easily monetize your site through any affiliate program or network, a social media slider for all popular social media websites, templates for sales pages and squeeze pages, and easy integration for AdSense, ClickBank and other advertising systems. You can easily customize how your ads are displayed through optional ad-bars and in post ad units that you can use to display ads for specific posts.

3. Excellent Training and Support – using the Socrates theme will give you access to an exclusive library of content made available only to Socrates users. You can access video tutorials for installing WordPress, installing the Socrates theme, WordPress platform training, and multiple internet marketing courses. If you have little or no knowledge about WordPress or programming, the Socrates theme is a great way to start your internet blogging training as it not only teaches you the fundamentals of the WordPress platform but more importantly, you can learn how to properly market and monetize your site for whatever niche you need. A short selection of the available marketing courses include SEO, locating profitable niches, profiting from trends, finding a great domain name, monetizing your site with Google, and affiliate marketing training. Apart from these available libraries of training courses, you can also get excellent support for your Socrates installation to help with your issues as well as a huge community of users that you can ask for help in the Socrates forums online.

The WordPress Socrates theme is an excellent way to start your internet marketing career. Socrates holds the claim that it is “designed by internet marketers for internet marketers” and these claims can be seen in its performance and capabilities. Even if you are a complete newbie to the internet marketing game, you can easily catch up and learn the necessary skills by using the premium Socrates theme. You can learn and setup your WordPress site easily through the available training video and use the other available videos to market this website. The available support and community forum will also help new users work some issues they may have with their installation. The Socrates theme truly is an excellent theme for internet marketers to use.

By Charles van Veen

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