How to Cloak Affiliate Links in WordPress

Posted in WordPress on May 15, 2014

Why is it Important to Cloak Affiliate Links?

Affiliate link cloaking is a tool used to hide affiliate links from visitors to your website, by creating a shortened URL or shrink plugin.

When a visitor clicks the shortened URL otherwise know as ‘shrink link’ they will be redirected to your original link URL.

As an internet marketer you cannot afford to dismiss this practice, it is one of the most important things you must do to create a professional website- and most of all it’s easy, fast and free with the ‘affiliate link cloaking’ WordPress Plugin.

1. Cloaking makes our landing page look clean and tidy, shorter and more professional.

2. You can choose where you want that affiliate link to be directed to and use the same link every time you want to change the offer. Having a cloaked link in all your marketing tools means you only need to make the change once – all the links can be changed in just one click.

3. Visitors to your website will not recognize that you are an affiliate, so therefore they cannot remove your affiliate ID and buy direct from the product website.

4. Cloaking also provides unique tracking for each link. Discover which of your cloaked links perform well and those that need modifying. You can edit these in WordPress any time.

How to Cloak Affiliate Links.

Note: This tool is available in WordPress

1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard.

2. Click PLUGINS > followed by ADD NEW

3. Search for “affiliate link cloaking”

4. There will be a list of plugins available – make sure to find the right one.


6. Click ACTIVATE.

Bravo! After a few moments your new plugin will be activated and ready to use.

7. You will now see a link in the left sidebar named “Link Cloaking”.

8. Click ADD NEW LINK.

9. Type the new chosen link in Short Link for example:

10. Underneath is the Affiliate Link where you will type the original link.

11. Check ‘auto replace.”

11. Add a Title for your own reference.

I hope you found this step by step tutorial helpful.

My step by step articles are designed to publish practical and useful information to beginners embarking on a career in website design and internet marketing. My aim is to provide you with step by step information covering the many obstacle I personally encountered as a newcomer to this business.

By Michelle Louise Monk

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