How to Migrate From WordPress to Tumblr

Posted in WordPress on Jul 24, 2014

If, for some purpose, you want to move your WordPress weblogs to Tumblr, there are numerous means you can implement. There are even processes that permit you to migrate almost everything, which include your photographs/pictures and opinions. Despite the fact that there is no procedure that is as straightforward as one-two-3, there are techniques that are rather basic to adhere to actions that you can do on your own.

There are a lot of guides you can use for transferring your WordPress site to Tumblr. What follows, nevertheless, is a a little straightforward edition that pretty much anybody can accomplish.

Move Range 1

Of course, the initial thing that you want to do is generate your have Tumblr account (if you do not have a person still). It truly is straightforward to make 1 you are going to only want to sign up and then provide some essential individual details and you’ll be in a position to build your account.

Stage Number Two

Open your WordPress account and navigate to the Dashboard. Come across the Applications command and decide on EXPORT.

Then decide on POSTS. Glance for the tab that says Down load EXPORT FILE and simply click on it. This will export all your WordPress posts.

Phase Selection Three

Your export file will appear as an XML file. You will need to make sure, while, that each and every material you export has an actual facts, as very well as a content encoded portion.

Action Amount Four

Look at the simple fact that there is a limit to how lots of posts you can migrate to Tumblr every single working day. The most secure variety is 70. What you can do, although, is to produce separate information for your XML file so you can be sure that each individual will have only 70 merchandise. Try to remember that you need to continue to keep the goods encoded, i.e. – or s.

Step Range Five

You will then need to have to come across a superior PHP script. This website link will deliver you with just one.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle drive()

Then you’ll have to insert or improve some of the facts with your details. In this article are some details that you should really stick to:

For $xmlFile = ‘MYEXPORTFILE.xml’ – suggest the XML file that you are importing.

For $tumblr_email = ‘EMAIL’ and $tumblr_password = ‘PASSWORD’ – point out your Tumblr username and password.

For $tumblrUrl = “” – indicate your Tumblr URL.

Phase Range Six

Discover the world wide web place that you can use to accessibility your XML file and tumblr_import.php. Upload the two to that location. Operate the PHP script.

Where you set the PHP file must be indicated in “mysite”.

If you do this appropriate, you can be in a position to productively move all XML file to Tumblr.

As pointed out in the early portion of this guideline, you can only import all over 70 products to Tumblr in a day. So if you have to transfer additional than the claimed quantity, what you can do is skip a person day just before executing the import procedure yet again. You will only have to have to add the XML file and then do this:

$xmlFile = ‘MYEXPORTFILE.xml’ – improve to the filename that you employed before operating the PHP.

These measures are intended only for WordPress web sites that have basic things like easy website posts. Heavier material might not be supported by this technique. Also, this migration alternate does not assistance the transfer of the photos on your WP weblog to Tumblr.

This is just one particular of the numerous ways you can migrate your posts from WordPress to Tumblr. There are lots of more alternatives on the internet. A single requires the use of the Customize website link on your Tumblr account and an additional takes advantage of the Export&gtTools solution of your WordPress weblog.

By Sherly A. Mendoza

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