How to Redirect a WordPress Web page to Other Websites Or Pages

Posted in WordPress on Aug 28, 2014

There are some instances that I want to redirect my WordPress web site to other web-site owing to a number of good reasons. One of them is that I do not want to redesign or have some duplicate articles to the new web page which I am likely to generate. Alternatively, I want my navigation bar qualified prospects right to the spot I want. It could be other site or may be some html web site on the exact internet site. I hence searched on how I am likely to do it. Fortunately, I located the answer.

I went to the research motor and stuffed in “obtain template-redirect”. I obtained the results which guide me to the web page that I obtained the php file that I will have to have for this objective. Then, I had to obtain the zip file. I unzipped the file and identified a folder in it. In the folder, there was a file that is named template-redirect. I saved the file in the position I wanted []).push()

The following phase is that I uploaded the file on to my concept folder. If you will not know in which it is, you can uncover it by going to the root menu and then go to wp-material and then go to concept. Pick the theme that you are working with. Upload template redirect to the topic.

Now you will have to go to the your WordPress admin. Login to your account and open up a new webpage. Sort the new title and also type the URL of the website or web page you want it to go to. On the suitable side, you will want to improve one particular significant very last issue. You will have to come across the put that you can alter template. It is on the right aspect of your panel if you are applying the new model of WordPress. Transform the “default template” to “webpage redirect”. Now you can go to your web-site and verify if anything is Ok.

By Jim Somchai

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