How To Uncover The Final Entry In An Excel Worksheet Making use of VBA

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If part of your task is to manually update an Excel file, it tends to make perception to use VBA to consider you immediately to the very last entry, as an alternative of manually deciding upon the final row or utilizing an current Excel instrument.

You can make a method which runs quickly on opening the spreadsheet, so your cursor is positioned prepared for information entry.

Challenges To Consider When Getting The Previous Row

The code you use to obtain the last entry relies upon a great deal of how your knowledge is structured, and exactly where you want the cursor to be in advance of attempting info entry.

Does the table have blank cells?
Is the subsequent info entry area at the close of a record, or is it just before further text, these types of as a sub-overall?
Do you will need to include a “marker” to point out in which the upcoming entry should really be?

If the information is predictable, it can make your career a lot easier. Commonly, if your facts is a very simple checklist you can find the very last product with this form of technique.


If there are blank rows in the table, or you want to enable for attainable empty cells the code will require to find the very last row from the bottom of the worksheet.

lastCell=Range(“a” &amp Cells.Rows.Rely).End(xlUp).Deal with

An additional situation is if you are entering data in mid-desk. A person option is to contain a “marker” in your facts to indicate the future entry place. For illustration, soon after your previous entry you can just variety “#up coming” in the adhering to cell to suggest the next info entry point.

lastCell=Cells.Discover(What:=”#next”).deal with

If your spreadsheet consists of uneven rows, then you can use one more approach to acquire this into account. The applied vary functionality returns the vary of cells entered in the worksheet disregarding blank cells and rows. You can use this functionality like the present-day location house to return the handle of the past row.

Dim r As Variety
Established r = ActiveSheet.UsedRange

Whichever technique you use to uncover the last cell, you could want to transfer the cursor to the subsequent mobile the place you would start off your information entry.


Where by To Put The Code To Run On Opening The Excel File

If you will need to come across the very last mobile on opening the spreadsheet, position the code in a “workbook_open up” procedure in the this workbook part of the VBA module. This instance will take the cursor to the up coming mobile at the end of a straightforward record in sheet 1, column one.

Sub workbook_open up()
Dim lastcell
Dim r As Selection
lastcell = ActiveCell.Close(xlDown).Deal with
Array(lastcell).Offset(one, ).Activate
Conclude Sub


This shorter code snippet demonstrates you a straightforward way to make a mundane undertaking uncomplicated. If you are frequently getting into info, working with VBA to consider you straight to your starting place can help you save you time and disappointment making your perform simpler and much more successful.

By Andy L Gibson

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