Learning the Guitar at 50 Years of Age – Online

Posted in WordPress on May 14, 2014

Having reached the ripe old age of 50 I have finally decided to learn to play the guitar. I had always wanted to learn but could never seem to find the time when I was younger, as I was always surfing or playing football – and I pretty much didn’t have the patience nor the desire to go through the lessons and the study that is involved.

I thought about paying for lessons with the local guitar teacher at his music studio but I worked out how much it would have cost me for two lessons a week and it was just too expensive. So I have decided to learn to play the guitar online, it is so much cheaper to learn the guitar online and at home, in my own time and at my own pace.

There is quite an extensive selection of online guitar tutors to choose from on the internet and the task wasn’t easy but I came across an inexpensive guitar learning software package called The Guitar Hot Shot. This software package has an in depth step by step tutorial on all aspects of guitar playing and is so easy to understand. One of the best features on the Guitar Hot Shot is the different styles of guitar you can learn. Everything from rock, classical, metal, jazz, fusion, Latin, folk, spanish, it is all at your disposal. This is the complete package to teach yourself the guitar at home. You get full access to all resources for the modern guitar player.

The Guitar Hot Shot Membership section is fantastic as it gives you unlimited access to all updated instructions, tips and training on video, a large amount of audio and documentation. One thing that caught my eye was the fact that even if you already can play the guitar, this software will help you smooth out the rough edges of your guitar playing. I am very happy with my choice of my online guitar tutorial and am ready to learn. I will be free to learn in my own time and won’t have to worry anymore about being late for my guitar lessons, as all the lessons I take are at home. Please let me know if you are learning the guitar too.

By Barry Dixon

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