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Posted in SEM, SEO on May 29, 2013

Our primary focus at Restrive has been for the keyword “web design and seo” on We have done a lot of SEO to get to that point ranging from high quality link building, onsite seo, boosting our social profile.

Then came Copyblogger with an article that was about responsive web design and how it effects SEO. Even though not directly about web design and seo and not directly about South Africa ( It’s knocked us off the first spot. I was devastated, if a company with no direct focus in South Africa could knock us off the perch so easily, then a lot of others could. Are we just not being discovered for this keyword due to it’s low search volumes?

Copyblogger and later (searchengineland) had two things we did not at the time. Authorship and a lot of people in the Authors Circles. So we started focusing on that and we popped back to number 1.

Then it happened again, everyday different results, some days way down, others back on top. Why could this be happening?

Below is our rank for web design and SEO from the 15th of May:
15 May: 1
17 May: 2
18 May: 1
20 May: 1
21 May: 1
22 May: 1
24 May: 3
26 May: 2
27 May: 1
28 May: 1

When I first compile this post it was called fresh content. Because I thought that’s what caused the Google results to be so fluid. Then I went through a few reasons why, and then it hit me, go back to basics, links. I looked up that post om Majesticseo and found that the spike followed spikes in backlinks.

I then had a look at the backlinks and discovered they are from the Copyblogger Link Network. Yes looks like that’s still the key to success. Heads up to you Copyblogger. Awesome work!

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