Net Analytics That Lie

Posted in WordPress on Jul 14, 2014

With the recent proliferation of free web analytics equipment, and most importantly Google Analytics, it has come to be a typical follow to install analytics on sites. This is an significant move for any business, as the info collected can deliver priceless insights. It also, however, presents a hazard – if you never fully grasp the details and have not been experienced to see it in context, not only will your net analytics experiences not give you any practical insights, but they may even lie to you and guide you to make incorrect organization selections.

When Analytics Lie

Below we will take a look at a distinct instance the place the net analytics lied. At an original look, Google Analytics reveals us a bounce fee of eighteen% for the site. Appears good, right? eighteen% a fairly good range it have to be indicative that the persons who take a look at the website locate it related and useful. Besides it is not. It is really lying. After further investigation, we designed some alterations to the web page to right for the complications in the facts capture, and the legitimate bounce price arrived as a result of.

The accurate bounce level is up around fifty five%, hardly the 18% that we experienced considered. Experienced we stopped our evaluation at a first glance, with no actually wanting at the details on a further amount, we would have been building selections beneath the faulty assumption that our web site was now nicely optimized. The reality is, it requires some work.

Further Investigation to get the Truth

Let us acquire a look at some of the aspects that tipped us off that a little something was incorrect. One, a bounce fee of 18% is actually, seriously excellent – pretty much far too great. That designed us suspicious. So we took a glance at bounce rates for specific webpages – and we located that all of them, with the exception of two, experienced a bounce amount of about 50%. So why would only two pages have such a reduced bounce rate, even though all others did not?

We took a closer appear at the two internet pages. A single was the household website page, and one particular was an iFrame that was embedded on the homepage. What was going on is that when guests entered on the household page, the javascript from the Google Analytics would fireplace not only on the homepage, but also on the iFrame. As a outcome, all of these visitors ended up virtually right away counted as checking out two webpages, turning their bounce charge to just about . This was skewing the entire typical down to eighteen%. A straightforward alter so that the javascript did not hearth in the iFrame fixes the challenge, so that our info shows us precise benefits.

The level is, never just settle for a brief glance at the analytics – then you give them the chance to give you mistaken assumptions. Dig all-around in the info and make certain you are getting the reality from your figures. If you don’t ensure that your analytics are giving you an exact photo, they may possibly be major somewhere you will not want to conclude up.

By Curtis Seare

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