Study How to Change the Width of a Joomla Template

Posted in WordPress on Jun 8, 2014

Quite a few periods as a Joomla developer you will face what seems like a really easy challenge but in fact it is not as easy as you may possibly have initially thought. As an case in point, switching the default width of a template for your Joomla website would seem straightforward adequate, but where do you commence?

Most quality templates come with the capability to alter the width of the template as perfectly as the width of any side columns. When you see the overall width of the template, you need to be mindful that this involves the width of any facet columns integrated in the template. Therefore, if a template states its width is 962 pixels and the still left and suitable columns are 210 pixels every single, the middle column will be 542 pixels broad.

In this report, I will reveal how to improve the overall width of a Joomla template as properly as how to transform the width of any facet columns that could be in the template. In creating this write-up, I have assumed that you have a existing model of Joomla set up and you are acquainted with the administrator space.

The initially stage is to obtain the back again close administration location of your Joomla website and go to the “Extensions” menu then opt for “Template Supervisor”. Following, choose your default template and either click on its title or click on the box following to its name and then click on “Edit”.

You will want to make a be aware of the initial width of the template and any aspect columns as they are before you make any improvements in case you wish to revert back to the unique configurations. To adjust a person of the columns, seem for the column in the “parameters” location, make your alter and click on “Apply” and then see the improve in the front close to see if you attained the ideal have an affect on. If you want to improve one more column, just repeat the preceding method on the following column.

If you want to retain the facet columns the identical width, but want to alter the in general width of the template, just alter the template width parameter only. This will only alter the center column width leaving any other individuals as they ended up at first. When you are satisfied with the new width, click on on “Preserve” and then go to the front close of your site, hit refresh, and see the success. Observe: not all template developers provide these parameters, nonetheless any quality template really should have them integrated in the administrator spot.

By Marc B. Harris

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