Study How to Take out the Print, E mail and PDF Icons From Joomla Article content

Posted in WordPress on Jun 19, 2014

Most developers have encountered this problem, your customer enjoys what you have accomplished on the web-site you have constructed for him in Joomla, every little thing apart from a person modest issue. The consumer states “how tough will it be to take out icons for printing, emailing or making a pdf on the short article internet pages?”

Of study course, you becoming the resourceful individual that you are say “No trouble, I am going to get suitable on it.” Now arrives the mad scramble to figure out how to get rid of icons from the articles or blog posts. You should not fret, eliminating or shifting the icons in Joomla is relatively easy and I will stroll you as a result of the techniques next.

The initially matter you need to know is that there are three various probable approaches to change the icons. The first is to alter the preferences in the Joomla administration space so that all potential content articles will have the configurations. Next, you will have to understand how to get rid of the icons from content articles that have previously been created. Lastly, you may have a template that will override your World-wide Configuration options so changing the preferences will have no outcome, you will have to learn how to get all-around this.

Before I reveal how to make these alterations, I want to position out that a number of assumptions have been made pertaining to your Joomla expertise. You will need to have to have Joomla mounted on a server and you really should have an understanding of how to obtain the administrator spot and are familiar with it as nicely.

To get rid of the default icons on all potential NEW content articles and on the entrance site, log on to your administration area and go to the “Written content” menu and choose “Article Manager”. Click on on “Parameters” on the upper appropriate. If you pick “Hide” on the Icons radio button, only textual content representing the functionality (this kind of as print) will show, the operation will still be there, but no icons will show up. Some uncover this extra explanatory for their site visitors. If you want to get rid of the icons and textual content wholly, simply click “Hide” on the radio button subsequent to each icon for any or all 3 of the options which are: PDF Icon, Print Icon and the E-mail Icons. Simply click “Preserve”.

To take out icons from an existing report, you will want to manually take away the icons from just about every item separately. To do this, go to the “Written content” menu and decide on “Report Supervisor” and identify the report you would like to improve. Click on it to open it and go to “Parameters (State-of-the-art)” on the appropriate. The default will be established to “Use World-wide” you can now adjust these as described previously mentioned and the simply click “Preserve”.

As I mentioned beforehand, some templates will override worldwide configuration so you may possibly will need to manually set the front web page icons. To do this, go to Menus &gt Main Menu and simply click on “House” – or whatever website page is now established to “Default”. On the proper simply click on “Parameters (Component)”, you can now alter the icons as explained previously mentioned and the click on “Conserve”.

By Marc B. Harris

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