When WordPress Permalinks Never Operate

Posted in WordPress on Aug 16, 2014

You have just done the installation and configuration of your new WordPress website–by the e book. You proudly log into the dashboard and find a custom-made permalink (I use /%postname%/) and then hit the “Help save Modifications” button to help save your configuration. Your weblog now–goes nuts. When you consider to obtain your web site, your browser returns awful error web pages alternatively of your blog’s information.

You recheck every little thing again, but are unable to uncover any problem with your installation technique. Using your FTP application or the WebShell utility at your web-host’s management panel, you validate that all of the required WordPress data files and folders are in position and that the permissions are set appropriately. In desperation, and working with the command panel’s phpMyAdmin interface, you also confirm that the MySQL database has been installed correctly and that the installer has configured the databases tables. What could be incorrect?

Before deleting your WordPress information and folders and zeroing out the database prior to hoping a new set up, you grab a cup of your favorite beverage and rest a moment. You consider about your installation. You remember that your new website worked beautifully ahead of you elected to adjust the permalink composition. It’s possible it truly is time to seem at the server’s error log for the blog’s area to see if it points to the root problem.

In the server’s mistake log, accessed from the world wide web-host’s manage panel, you observe the pursuing mistakeforce()

[Solar Mar 29 13:thirty:38 2009] [error] [consumer…] Selections FollowSymLinks or SymLinksIfOwnerMatch is off which indicates that RewriteRule directive is forbidden….

Bingo! Now you remember observing a thing when you employed your regulate panel to established up your blog’s area. You log into your handle panel and decide on the “Website solutions” icon. Correct at the major of the solutions webpage you see that the “Symbolic Links” selection is disabled. You enable and use this option–and now the wellbeing of your web site is restored.

Very well, practically restored. Just one nagging error carries on to be recorded in the mistake log:

[Sunlight Mar 29 22:07:14 2009] [mistake] [consumer…] File does not exist:…/favicon.ico

When a browser accesses a world-wide-web web site, it normally seems to be for a favicon.ico. WordPress does not install a favicon.ico by default. You will need to possibly build your individual or add something suited. The moment the favicon.ico is uploaded into the blog’s root listing, this log mistake will disappear, far too.

P.S. The Mistake log is your pal. Be positive to glance at it from time to time.

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When WordPress Permalinks Don’t Operate, April 2, 2009

By Royce Tivel

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