Why Does My WordPress Site Vanish From Google

Posted in WordPress on Sep 17, 2014

WordPress motor has designed it simple for your blog site to be appeared on Google Research Engine. The use of meta and descriptions, tags, ping trackback, headers, and other Website positioning relevant items, are by default bundled in each individual wordpress installation. When you start a wordpress weblog on the online and updated it on a regular basis, your wordpress blog will be appeared on Google Look for in just a couple times.

But a wordpress site also can be disappeared from Google Look for just after it has created its look, even if it has achieved a higher rank position prior to. There are interior factors and external elements that could bring about this.

Exterior Elements

There are additional than 10,000 focused servers from which Google Research Engine pulls its look for outcomes. With this massive variety of servers, it is not possible to update their index at the same time. So Google updates their indexes just one by 1 at a time.

For the reason that of this, some sites could be dropped from Google’s rankings quickly, or even vanish all collectively. But after a while, the Google’s index updating procedure would be total and restored the disappeared web sites back again to the checklist once more. This approach usually called “Google Dance”, and usually transpired at the normal rate after per monthpress()

This is a single of the external components that could result in your wordpress blog site disappear from Google Lookup. The other element could be from the existence of Copy Websites. A Duplicate Web site is a web site that copy the contents of yet another web page and publish them as its possess website page. This would make identical pages show up on the net. Google would choose a single of them as the first webpage and considered the some others as copies, and so banned individuals websites from its listing. But sometimes, Google fails to identify the actual initial web page, and ban the erroneous web sites.
Internal Things

The inner factors could came from the use of uncontrolled Search engine optimisation methods on your wordpress website, like making use of cloaking or concealed links to redirect Google crawlers, or working with much too substantially affiliation links on a site with a fairly limited contents, or publishing contents that are irrelevant with your wordpress blog’s description. Google stated, “Do not make web-sites that cheated or lied to their site visitors, or targeting on internet lookup engines instead of actual readers.”

So, your wordpress web site really should be intended with real reason on offering what the visitors’ want, and prevent slick world-wide-web tips that could be deemed by Google as cheating.

By Rony Hidayat

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