Why You Really should Set Up A WordPress Blog site As an alternative Of A Internet site

Posted in WordPress on Sep 19, 2014

You’ve got study that you need to have a site. If you are new to the World wide web and you scarcely know what a website is you might be a minor little bit bewildered. Don’t be concerned, there is a answer and it is extremely simple and easy is what I am about.

Let us say that you have a products to offer, a interest to endorse, or just want to set up a relatives internet web page. There are numerous choices for environment up weblogs, but they all have their downsides. I established up a bunch of free of charge Blogger blogs a calendar year or so ago and just one day I gained an e-mail from them notifying me that they “all” had been canceled.

I was locked out and could not get in. Unnecessary to say, a whole lot of function went down the drain. You see, the problem with Blogger weblogs is that they are hosted on “their” servers and you have no management. Of system, you can have a Blogger weblog hosted on your server, and I have employed that approach, but it is severely restricted in alternatives.

The most straightforward and least difficult way to set up a website for “any” reason what so at any time is to established up a WordPress website.

There are a number of factors why I want WordPress.

* It is Free of charge

* It really is Effortless

* It Has Hundreds of Beautiful Themes

* It Has Hundreds of Plug-Ins

There are in essence two approaches to set up a WordPress weblog. Both equally are extremely quick to do.

1. Working with Fantastico via Cpanel (If You Have A Reseller Account). It Can take About 5 Minutes.

2. Upload The WordPress Documents via Your FTP Software package. It Also Usually takes About 5 Minutes.

I have numerous Reseller accounts so I commonly use the Cpanel process. On the other hand, uploading your data files by way of FTP does have one particular advantage. I have found that from time to time Cpanel does not update to the most up-to-date model of WordPress correctly but I hardly ever have any complications updating by FTP.

Save you some hassle, use WordPress.

By Steve McArthur

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