WordPress Plugin Overview – Pretty Bookmarks (Grr)

Posted in WordPress on Aug 12, 2014

Pretty Bookmarks is a helpful plugin that will allow for readers to your internet site or website to effortlessly submit your content to the most common social bookmarking site.

What It Does:

Alluring Bookmarks provides a a contemporary wonderful menu under or previously mentioned your posts/pages. This menu allows individuals to merely simply click to incorporate your posting to social bookmarking sites like Twitter, Fb, Digg, Stumbleupon etc…


For the most component, anybody who results in website content or has a web page wishes website visitors. A single of the most efficient targeted traffic era approaches is to post your written content to social bookmarking web-sites.

If your short article goes viral on just one of theses web-sites (i.e if it is “retweeted” or “dugg” by hundreds of individuals that could guide to a broad spike in targeted traffic. Even if your content would not go viral but a dozen people post it to a dozen different social media web-sites, you will still see a good targeted visitors raise. An additional bonus is that some of these internet sites will also give you a beneficial backlink to your web-site…which is the critical to research engine optimization.

There are a great deal of plugins that offer the exact operation as Captivating Bookmarks (tweet this and shareaholic for illustration) but none of them are virtually as aesthetically satisfying. With the graphic get in touch with to motion (you will know what I indicate when you see it) I have observed my submissions from random net website visitors rise substantiallypress()


I have had quite several issues with Alluring Bookmarks. It labored with all of the themes I have utilized and the only plugin difficulty I had was that it didn’t seem to be to enjoy good with a online video sidebar widget.

I also experienced an problem wherever it appeared to crack my webpage format but I just had to go into the plugin options and improve my URL shortener.

There have been some difficulties with load periods, but the crew at sexybookmarks is currently Beta testing a new version that will fully deal with people grievances.


Overall i suggest this plugin for everyone who is interested in acquiring their written content submitted to social media web-sites. It is much and away the ideal looking social media plugin and after the load time concern is whole dealt with it will be excellent!

By T. Payne

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