WordPress Smackdown – Dot Com Versus Dot Org

Posted in WordPress on Jul 28, 2014

If you’ve been on the lookout into Internet or affiliate internet marketing for some time now, you have no doubt listened to of WordPress. You may wonder what its rewards are as opposed to Blogger or Typepad, a pair of the other far more well-known blogging platforms offered.

Initially, enable me reveal some thing that is bewildering to several: There is a variance concerning WordPress.org and WordPress.com. Numerous are not knowledgeable that they are not the very same issue, but it’s quite significant to comprehend the variation or you could come across yourself in a pickle.

WordPress.com: A totally free running a blog platform where your site’s title would be a little something like sitename.WordPress.com. You will not have to invest in hosting or a domain title, so you can find no expenditure at all in developing your individual weblog. But will not get far too fired up there are some drawbacks we will get to those in a moment.
WordPress.org: This is the similar primary computer software, and it alone is nonetheless totally free, but you have to put in it on your personal bought web hosting package deal and purchase your own domain identify, which would be a little something like sitename.com.

At very first look, you may possibly be considering Let us GO Totally free! ALL THE WAY! But there are some serious reasons why which is not the ideal way to go for an affiliate marketer.

The 1st and most obvious issue with WordPress.com is that they will not make it possible for you to set marketing on your blog. But just isn’t that the complete level of affiliate promoting? Yeah, it is.

So suitable off the bat, you can see that WordPress.com is not for you if that is your aim. It’s terrific for personalized blogs, not so substantially for industrial uses.

And just to point out the other problems briefly: A domain title like sitename.WordPress.com is a small cumbersome and not pretty specialist.

Second, considering that you’re not purchasing the web hosting or area, you have no control, finally, around what happens to your internet site. If WordPress.com made the decision that you have been violating their Phrases of Services, they could pull your site offline at a moment’s see and there would be no way for you to retrieve all the tough do the job you place into it.

That, in actuality, is one particular of the major difficulties with other totally free running a blog web sites, these as Blogger or MovableType, as nicely. You can drop your function with no warning. Blogger, for instance, does permit you to position advertising, but all over again, I really don’t endorse that any one major about their on the internet company operate it on a absolutely free system. It truly is only much too dangerous.

Self-hosted WordPress.org is the best decision for many, and it’s what I recommend to newcomers because it truly is fairly simple to learn, really highly effective, and very well known, which signifies there are tons of themes, plugins, and assist out there to use.

By Laura Burke

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